Healthy Habits in Practice – Developing a Mindful Lifestyle



  • Effective techniques for guiding and maintaining attention
  • Jacobson progressive muscle & mental relaxation
  • Selective orientation of attention to each sense
  • Anchoring in resource state
  • Revitalization in motion
  • Warm-up and stretching motion
  • Distinct and combined basic functional movements, using the SIMPLEXFINESS® motion model
  • Individual nutrition indicators (ideal weight, daily optimum energy etc.)
  • Psychological approach to food addictions


  • Elements of a mindful lifestyle
  • Understanding the balance between activation and relaxation from the psychological perspective
  • Important factors related to motion
  • Principles of conscious and healthy motion
  • The main elements of conscious and healthy motion
  • Sustainable nutritional style vs. diet
  • The role of macro- and micro-nutrients to achieve individual optimum energy
  • Adapting food intake to energy needs and specific objectives


  • Useful habits for a mindful lifestyle
  • Individual objectives regarding developing a conscious lifestyle
  • Individual objectives regarding mental hygiene and psychological safety
  • Individual objectives regarding mindful motion
  • Individual objectives regarding mindful nutrition